A Students' Satellite Initiative


The SS AMU SAT project is an initiative by the Students and Alumni of Zakir Husain College of Engineering and Technology. The project was concieved during a discussion among a small group of students and alumni during the Winters of 2021, at the AMU RoboClub.
Finally, in the early week of December, 2021, this project kick-started after everal rounds of discussions. It is pertinent to mention that there has also been an observation of the NAAC committee, that visited in December 2021, to innovate in the area of Aerial Technology; and thus, the timing of this project could never have been more suited.
In the weeks to come, the team grew from a handful to a dozen, to design the following subsystems:

  • Electrical Power System
  • Payload
  • Attitude Determination and Control System
  • Communication Systems

  • Many alumni have been called in for help and guidance. Experts from ISRO and people with prior experience in satellite design have been helping to make this project a success, and eventually commissioning in the Lower Earth Orbit (LEO).


    Whenever a problem seems unviable people do say to take a step back and view it from far. Our team has taken it quite literaly, in fact 500km far.
    The satellite houses a payload that shall monitor the economic growth of our Nation using a novel machine learning algorithm. The acquired data shall be matched with the data available on public domain and any deviation will be duly evaluated and reported. This system shall bridge the gap between theoritical implementation and the actual outcome of economic policies. It is planned to make all the raw data available in public domain for researchers, economists and data scientists.

    Prof. Sufiyan Beg

    Zakir Husain College of Engg. & Technology

    Prof. Ekram Khan

    Dept. of Electronics Engg., ZHCET
    Project In-charge

    Dr. Mohammad Sharique

    Assistant Professor
    Dept. of Electronics Engg., ZHCET

    Dr. Adil Sarwar

    Assistant Professor
    Dept. of Electrical Engg., ZHCET

    Mr. Ateeb Ahmad

    Assistant Professor
    Dept. of Mechanical Engg., ZHCET

    Mr. Raunaq Qaiser

    Sr. Manager
    ST Microelectronics

    Dr. Nazeer Ahmad


    Dr. Abdullah Amir Hayat

    Post-Doc Fellow
    SUTD, Singapore

    Mr. Faraz Ahmad

    Dy. Manager
    NHDC Limited
    Project Mentor

    Mr. Ishrat Jamal


    Mr. Ghulam Sarwar


    Mr. Mohammad Talha


    Mr. Monis Khan


    Payload (PL) Team
    • Mr. Zahid Hussain
    • Ms. Ifrah Andleeb
    • Ms. Ilma Shah
    • Mr. Mohd Azhan
    Electrical Power System (EPS) Team
    • Mr. Kanuj Chitranshu
    • Ms. Poorti Varshney
    • Ms. Sana Khan
    • Ms. Kanika Johri (for G/S)
    • Mr. Ahsan Waseem (for G/S)
    Attitude Determination and Control System (ADCS) Team
    • Mr. Amzar Faisal
    • Mr. Inayat Rasool
    • Mr. Mohammad Suhaib, B.Sc. (Phy.)
    • Mr. Mohammad Afzal
    Communication Systems (COM) Team
    • Ms. Tahreem Zaidi, M.Tech. (Comm.)
    • Ms. Kulsum Iliyas
    • Mr. Anant Agrawal
    • Mr. Abdul Hadi
    • Ms. Tanu Attri
    Public Relations (PR) Team
    • Ms. Disha Singh

    Mr. Ranajay Mallik
    Mr. Alok Mittal
    Mr. Atul Bhargav
    Mr. Punit Jain
    Ms. Hemlata Pandey
    Mr. Salil Jain
    Mr. Kamaldeep
    Mr. Prashant Pandey
    Mr. Manoj Kumar
    Mr. Karan Jagdale
    Mr. Vineet Kala

    Features. The nameplate of our spacecraft.

    Small | Light | Beautiful

    Name SS AMU SAT
    CubeSat Size 3U
    Dimensions 300mm X 100mm X 100mm
    Weight ~2000 gm
    Type of Orbit Circular Polar Orbit in LEO
    Power Solar and Battery powered
    Attitude Correction Available with Magneto-torquers and Reaction Wheels
    Payload On-board Camera
    Communication System Beacon on VHF, UPLINK and DOWNLINK on UHF/ S-Band
    Chassis Material Aluminum

    Yes, we are nearly there! See our progress for yourself.

    The preliminary designing has nearly ended. Thanks to the experts aroud the globe who have helped to realise our ideas.


  • PCB Layouts of the testing modules have been designed for all the subsytems except Communications System.
  • Fabrication of PCB is about to begin.
  • Fabrication of Chassis is nearly done.
  • Purchase of various components has been initiated.

  • Orbit. The final destination!

    Polar | Lower Earth Orbit

    Semi Major Axis 6884.75 m
    Eccentricity 0
    Inclination 60.69 deg
    Argument of Perigee 0 deg
    RAAN 284.457 deg
    True Anomaly 0 deg
    Orbit Altitude 506.75 km
    Orbital Velocity 7.60887 km/s
    Orbital Period 1hr 34min 45sec (94.75 min)
    Ground Track Repetition 15.48 times in 24 hrs

    We are not there yet! But we know how it will look.

    A simulation of the spacecraft in the orbit.


    Respected Visitor, Thank You for your interest, and we appreciate the time that you have taken to go through our website. In terms of funding, the project requires a huge amount to fabricate, test, launch and commission the Satellite into the Orbit. So far, the students have managed to run this project with their own contributions. We have obtained the estimate through the FAQ published by the 75 Student Satellite Programme initiated by the ITCA. However, the members have been trying to manufacture the components in-house so as to bring down the overall cost. Further, the expenses have been minimised by throrough planning and ZERO wastage policy.
    Considering the total requirement, it is evident that the small pool of students' contribution will not be sufficient to launch our project into Space. In view of this, generous contribution is requested from all to help us realise this project.
    The details for donation shall be updated very soon on the website.

    Monetory contributions are most welcome but we would also appreciate your kind efforts to procure the intended items. The list of components that we are intending to buy is available with the Project Incharge (Prof. Ekram Khan | ekhan.el@amu.ac.in) and Project Mentor (Mr. Faraz Ahmad | imfarazahmad@gmail.com). Alternatively, for our dearest contributers who wish to make monetory donations, we shall provide the account details upon request.
    The interested contributers may e-mail their contact informations to the Project In-charge or Project Mentor as mentioned below. The list of required components and equipment shall be notified along with the link to online stores.

    We sincerely Thank You for your time and generousity!